GJP Design & Construction is established since 1981 in the field of public works and constructions.

Following a great success story in construction, George Panteloukas, engineer, has developed a new era for construction and design in Greece having a portfolio of more than 300 projects since 2004.

Today GJP Design & Construction is a corporation offering backward integrated construction and design services to its customers in Athens, Myconos, Santorini, New York , Miami and London designing and constructing commercial projects, fashion stores, bars, restaurants, hotels, offices and many more.

GJP Design & Construction and George Panteloukas have a number of articles in Construction and Design magazines honouring the uniqueness and the level of work that has been offered to his long clientele.

Being dedicated to the art of designing and completing developments GJP is considered one of the fastest growing companies in Greece in the field of construction and design having the vision to equally overtake numerous projects in the rest of the world.

Ioannis Panteloukas
Civil Engineer
NTUA 1971
Public works

Vicky Bouziaka
Architect Engineer NTUA
MSc in Environmental Design of Buildings WSA

Emmanouela Genitsarioti
Interior Architect & Designer of Decorative Arts UNIWA

Ioannis St. Panteloukas NTUA
Mechanical Engineer

Panagiotis I. Panteloukas
Legal advisor
Attorney at law at the Athens Court of Appeal

Loukas Gripsas
Quality Assurance
Electrical and Computer Engineer NTUA